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Our Rooms


This is where our little ones aged 3 months to 2 years spend their day.
The rooms are bright and airy with access to the garden.

Caterpillar Room - Lookers and Communicators (0 to 1 year)

Our Lookers and Communicators spend their day in the Caterpillar Room. This is a vibrant and active space which gives our babies opportunities to play and develop through sensory experiences. We provide lots of stimulating activities including messy play, music and exploration.

Bumblebee Room - Standers, Movers and Shakers

Our 1 to 2 year olds play in the Bumble Bee Room, which is bright. spacious and divided into areas to encourage free choice and exploration. We provide engaging and stimulating activities which include participating in water play, music and singing and a variety of tactile and messy play to promote all aspects of learning and development.


Toddlers aged 2 to 3 years.Have opportunities to learn and develop through a mixture of free play and structured activities.


Ladybird Room - Walkers, Talker: and Pretenders

In the Ladybird Room we provide opportunities for our 2 3 year olds to learn and develop through a mixture of free play and structured activities. We help children to develop their independence and self care, such as potty training and dressing themselves. These early skills help with the transition into the Pre- School Room.



Children aged 3 to 4 years.This is the pre-school room where we introduce a little more structure in preparation for big school.


Butterfly Room - Explorer: and Investigators

When the children are three. they join the Pre-School Room where we encourage them to become independent individuals, building on what they have already achieved in their lives. We do this through a range of interesting and fun activities, challenging and engaging the children to flourish in their learning. We enable them to make decisions and choose their own activities with an inviting and stimulating environment.


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