Pre School

The children move on to our pre school after their third birthday.

In the Pre School room, the children are encouraged to choose their own learning, careful observation and mindful interactions enable adults to identify the children's interests and lines of enquiry.
Our team support the children as they play co-operatively, taking turns, sharing ideas and showing sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others, forming positive relationships with children and adults. They gain the confidence to try something new, persevere when things don't go as planned, tell us when they need help, and are happy to speak in a familiar group.
Our pre-school is an extension of home, not a watered down version of school, the children continue to use authentic, natural and curious resources as they experiment and test their ideas alongside encouraging adults.
Children are excited to learn as they play in a language and text rich environment. They are enthusiastic to share their discoveries with others and show a strong sense of self.
Children's thoughts.....
'I like being with all my friends' - Molly
'Our room is full of treasures' - Fionn
'I like doing things myself' - Bess
'Making things is the best' - Flynn
'Being the special helper' - Etta